polyethylene wax (PE wax)

Issuing time:2019-02-19 08:21

Polyethylene wax (PE wax) is a polyolefin synthetic wax, the appearance is white or light yellow block, flake or powder solid, relative molecular mass of 1000-4000, which has low toxicity, high softening point, low melt viscosity, wear resistance and heat resistance and lubricity, good dispersibility and flowability and other advantages, can be processed effectively improve the efficiency of pipe material, film, cable and other rubber plastic, with stripping good effect. Polyethylene wax products are fine chemical products. Low molecular weight polyethylene wax oil, chemical industry, light industry, textile, papermaking and other industries has been very scarce for the production process of polyethylene wax masterbatch on the domestic market there are three main types:

A - polymerization type: low molecular weight polyethylene produced by polymerization. Some foreign companies represented by Honey Well Company are major suppliers. Because of its narrow molecular weight distribution and stable quality, it occupies the high-end market of colored masterbatch. Multinational companies in China masterbatch masterbatch enterprises and domestic core enterprise polymerization using wax or wax imports more.

B - cracking: Cracking of finished polyethylene into low molecular weight polyethylene. Beijing University of Chemical Technology of Datian Rong company is a typical representative of this technology, but because the price is high, so the market share in the impact.

C - by-product: low molecular weight polyethylene produced by polymer by-products from Daqing, Yangzi and Yanshan. The price is low, generally used for low-end masterbatch products, Jiangyin with a number of small polyethylene wax production plant, also from South Korea and Thailand imported the same type of wax products, imports reached more than 3000 tons / year.

Chinese has become one of Asia's largest masterbatch production and demand, the future will become the world's largest market demand, and demand growth is the fastest. Accordingly, as a masterbatch of polyethylene wax dispersion agent will also demand more and more.

Polyethylene wax in elastomer industry can be used as dispersant in Masterbatch, color masterbatch processing was used as dispersant for polyolefin masterbatch, color masterbatch was prepared with good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene resin, and has the very good external and internal lubrication lubrication.

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