Imported pe wax compared with domestic pe wax

Issuing time:2019-01-25 00:00

Polyethylene wax is used in many industries. Is it better to use domestic polyethylene wax? Or imported? Many people have different choice, some choose the polyethylene wax of entrance, but the person that also has considerable part can choose homebred, because homebred cheap, a ton of words can be cheap a few thousand pieces. We do business in China, there is no cheap, only cheaper, so many people tried to it is cheap homebred polyethylene wax, wax, but domestic polyethylene wax and imported polyethylene wax, there is a big difference between sea son below small make up just to explain the import of polyethylene wax compared with domestic polyethylene wax, where is the difference.

1. Imported polyethylene wax has high branchability, good adhesion to pigment, and is easier to disperse than domestic cracked wax to make uniform system.

2. Low viscosity, good fluidity, stable chemical properties, lubricity and reduced friction coefficient by obvious advantages.

3. Viscosity of high melting point (118 ° C), narrow range, low penetration or high hardness, low heat (0.5%).

4. High purity, no oil, no paraffin, no calcium, no impurities, relatively little added.

5. High pressure refining from the production process is different from the domestic cracked wax.

6. Polyethylene wax of the same grade has low relative price and saves production cost. Product segmentation, to meet the needs of different customers. Perfect indicators and certification, in line with international standards of use.

7. Improve dye dispersion, brightness, lubricity and processing properties.

In summary, the distinction of entrance candle and homebred candle is very big, namely why the product that imports candle to make can compare homebred candle to make is beautiful, the price that does not go after blindly ignored quality, quality and price are coequal and important.

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