The application range of the wax emulsion

Issuing time:2019-02-19 08:23

The combination of wax emulsion and waterborne wood paint is perfect.

Wax emulsion does not contain APEO, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and can better improve the coating surface gloss, wear resistance, scratch resistance, scratch resistance and other properties. Wax emulsion can be used in waterborne wood paint, paper paint, architectural paint, metal mold release agent and other fields. As far as I know, different types of wax emulsion performance differences: MD - 2000 water-based wax can improve the surface properties of water-based coatings and printing ink film after D - 1301 water-based wax wax is a kind of waterborne dispersions, can improve the surface properties of water-based printing ink and paint E - 846-11 - S water-based wax is characterized by very low emulsifier, the high hardness polyethylene wax and its use. Because of the excellent miscibility of this wax, no saponifying agent was used. E-842n waterborne wax is a very low emulsifier and the high hardness polyethylene wax used. Because of the excellent miscibility of this wax, no saponifying agent was used. D-821 water-based wax slurry is a kind of water-based wax dispersion containing extinction agent, which can improve the surface properties of water-based printing inks and coatings. The product features high resistance to abrasion and abrasion. And it has a very high extinction.

(1) wax emulsion can be compounded with fatliquor

Double fatliquoring agent with a small amount of emulsified wax improve and enhance the effect of fatliquoring agent, through the experiment proved that the double leather fatliquoring agent with 1% ~ 5% of the wax emulsion can improve the filling performance of fatliquoring agent, raise the permeability of fatliquoring agent in leather fiber, increase the waterproof performance of leather, the leather feels smooth and soft, plump.

(2) wax emulsion is used as additive in leather finishing

Adding emulsified wax in leather finishing agent mainly plays the role of filling coating, improving coating feel, wear-resisting, anti-sticking and increasing luster. In the early stage, the emulsified wax was mainly made from beeswax, palm wax, insect wax, white wax and montan wax, etc. The production of these waxes was limited and the price was high. With paraffin as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the effect is not worse than natural wax, is the coating of high-grade leather main additives, can give leather special brightness and wax sense. From the use can be divided into soft wax and hard wax, respectively for leather bottom, middle and top coating; From the ionic properties of the emulsion can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsion, can be used with different ionic properties of finishing agent; From the dosage form can be made into emulsion or solid emulsifying wax. All the products have good water solubility, stable emulsion, long-term storage without layering and floating wax. Can apply to the coating of all kinds of leather, the leather luster after coating is gentle and natural, feel plump and moist, can improve the friction resistance of leather surface.

(3) emulsified wax is used as leather brightener, matt and hand feeling agent, etc

People have two kinds of requirements on the appearance of leather products, one is to increase the luster of leather, such as polished leather, lacquer leather, polishing effect leather, etc. Another kind is not burnish feeling, make leather presents dermal feeling, natural beauty. The former requires a brightener, the latter a duller. Choose different wax latex to be used when leather top layer besmear is acted the role of, some can increase leather burnish to feel or brightness, some can produce eliminate smooth action to present dermal charm. Waxy emulsion with bright effect requires very small particle size and relatively simple composition. It forms a homogeneous and continuous waxy film on the surface of leather. The film on the micro is very smooth and has a strong reflection on light wave, so it has a sense of luster. The wax emulsion with extinction has a large particle size and forms a heterogeneous and uneven surface on the leather surface, which has a strong scattering effect on the light wave. Horticultural practice has shown that plants absorb water mainly from their roots, and that evaporation is lost from the surface of their leaves. The water consumption of the plant itself is not very large, such as the leaf surface coated with waterproof evaporation spray film, the leaf surface water evaporation can be greatly reduced. Plants need less than 50 percent of their water. Since the 1960s, the United States and other technologically advanced countries in the field of agriculture, in order to prevent fruit trees, shrubs and other trees from being dormant in winter or dying in the process of transplanting and shipping, adopted the method of spray cloth emulsifying wax. In the 1970s, a large number of patents for emulsifying wax for agricultural use appeared. Emulsified wax liquid is mainly used for:

Seedlings planting - before planting pine and eucalyptus seedlings in the field, soak them in emulsified wax. After treatment, seedlings can significantly improve their tolerance to transplant or adverse climatic conditions. Due to the decrease of water evaporation on the leaf surface, the survival rate was significantly increased.

Garden nursery planting - during pruning or transplanting, the survival rate can be significantly improved by emulsifying wax treatment. If a large number of shrubs need to be transplanted during the dry season, pre-spraying emulsified wax can ensure safe transplantation.

Resist drought and keep fresh - saplings and shrubs can resist severe arid environment well after being sprayed with emulsified wax. After flowers are picked, they can be soaked in water in advance, and then treated with emulsifying wax, the life of flowers can be significantly extended. Drilling fluid plays an important role in oil drilling and production. Its main functions are:

(1) clean the bottom of the well and carry cuttings;

(2) cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string;

(3) form mud cake to protect the shaft wall;

(4) control and balance formation pressure, etc.

The addition of high quality emulsified wax to drilling fluid can significantly improve inhibition and lubricity, prevent well collapse, and increase drilling rate. It can improve the anti-scratch performance, surface hydrophobic performance and anti-adhesion and anti-fouling performance of the film, making the film more smooth.

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