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◎ Q1:Chemcol strength in the chemical raw materials industry?

A: Domestic lubrication, dispersion system solutions, suppliers, specializing in the operation of polyethylene wax, oxidized polyethylene wax, EBS, polypropylene wax, stearate, special wax, the company has A mature research and development team, with advanced testing equipment. To meet the needs of customers to provide formula optimization, cost reduction and efficiency and other technical support, at the same time to comply with the environmental requirements, we also provide enterprises with a package of additives, additives dust-free services.

Q2:What industries and functions pe wax is used in?

A:Masterbatch (dispersion, lubrication, light) PVC/tube/sheet (efficient external lubricant) composite stabilizer (improve dispersion performance, to prevent dust) hot melt adhesive (improved thermal capacity, viscosity adjustment) hot melt road sign paint/road marking paint (improved thermal capacity, viscosity adjustment) rubber (dispersant) to improve workability, carbon cable materials (increasing filling, extrusion and efficient) ink (prevent subsidence, luster, wear-resisting) filler masterbatch (improve thermal capacity, gelling agent, transparency) candles (increase hard, gloss and wear resistance) plastic additives (improve wettability, demoulding, better dispersion effect)

Q3What is the product advantage of chemcol PE wax

    A:Macromolecular pe wax, with large molecular weight, high viscosity and narrow molecular weight distribution, has good dispersibility for pigments, provides high brightness, prevents the appearance of color spots and flow patterns, ensures lubricity and plays the role of conveying shear force in the processing process, and achieves the balance between lubrication and dispersion system. 2. Low molecular polyethylene wax has excellent wetting and coating performance for various inorganic powders and pigments, shortening mixing cycle, and excellent processing performance. 3. Passed ROHS, TEACH, PAHS and FDA tests. 4, heat, good heat resistance, 200 ℃, weightlessness is less than 0.7 2 hours.

About us The strength of the company is a professional business for many years polyethylene wax, PE wax import and export companies. Now with Thailand, South Korea, the Middle East and other manufacturers to establish good relations of cooperation. The company polyethylene wax high purity, high softening point, short melting range, good lubrication dispersion,  road marking paint, PVC pipe profile, ink, filler masterbatch and rubber additives, and other industries to win the trust of customers, in the domestic and foreign chemical raw materials market reputation!
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